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The Leadership Update Brief

The Leadership Update Brief on C-Suite Radio with Ed Brzychcy is a podcast for today's entrepreneurs and business leaders who want to accelerate their growth towards next level success.

We strive to work towards delivering great content that educates, informs, and inspires our audience. Our Transformations interviews are with military service veterans who have made the move and established themselves in entrepreneurship and business leadership.

Our mission is to share these, and other leadership lessons, to our listeners to inspire, educate, and encourage business leaders, entrepreneurs, and military veterans in taking their next steps and securing their forward progress towards greater successes in their ventures and their lives.

LUB19 - Jon RennieEpisode 19 - Engage your Employees

Featuring Jon Rennie

Employee engagement has become a challenge for almost every organization. But, how much do leaders look at how they engage their teams? 
Join in our discussion with Jon Rennie about his new book, I Have the Watch, and the lessons that he learned during his time on a Navy Submarine, his career, and now his time at the helm of his company, Peak Demand.
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